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Each person in some part of their life has had desires that they would like to accomplish. Without these desires, there is nothing to motivate one's actions and attitude. Dreams can take many people on different routes in their life. The dreams people have, help to define the way they live their life. Dreams affect the path people take throughout life. It is a way to travel into time or into a place that could never exist. Dreams can be a gateway to see our future, to what lies ahead or way to look back on memories. There have been several inventions that have been created from a simple dream.

There have been individuals who have pushed beyond their personal limitations and achieved the unimaginable. These people have seen the importance of setting goals and doing their best to reach those goals. To achieve this accomplished feeling in life, one must set the appropriate goals, dare to dream, and live each day to the fullest.

'I have a dream'. These are the famous words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. On the day that he voiced his vision of America. It was his dream that was deferred for so many generations that finally exploded in the Civil Rights Movement of 50's and 60's. The beginning of this nation was started as a dream and on dreams it has grown. For without a vision, the people shall perish. Nevertheless, there have been dreams that have fallen to the wayside of other dreams. These dreams may be left behind, but they have not been forgotten.... Therefore let's dream, help our Children to dream, dream beyond yonder....