At A Glance

St. Xavier's Convent School, Kathua, Jammu owned and established by the Diocese of Jammu-Srinagar (Catholic Chrurch of Jammu and Kashmir) and administered by its subsidiary wing known as the Diocese of Jammu-Srinagar Education Society (Regd. N1601-S of 1989) under the provisions of article 30(1) of the Indian Constitution principally for the benefits of the Christians in addition to others without any distinction of cast and creed.

The policy of education in the school run by the diocesan education society is based on the life and teachings of lord Jesus Christ. This policy encompasses the development of a growing consciousness of the human dignity and the rights of every person. This enables persons to live in fellowship and mutual helpfulness. This concern is for all god's people within the local community where the school is situated especially for those of Christian faith and materially also includes the development of knowledge and skill enabling a person to be a loyal citizen,peaceful and just in this world. In this way,god's plan for his world may be realized and mankind attains the fullness of life.

The main objectives of our school are summed up as follows:

  • To foster critical and independent thinking.
  • To be agents of social change.
  • To promote human values.
  • The main thrust is towards materially poor